The interdisciplinary practice by Andi Amirshah, meet at an intersection between art, design and architecture. Amirshah (b.1992) often working under the moniker AAA, was born and raised in London, UK. After graduating in Aerospace Engineering in 2015, he began working as a handy man. He lives and works in London.

‘How are you?’ (as AxA), Rye Links Festival, London, 2019
Handmade table for RIP Germain: Dead Yard, London, 2020
Mural, Nuit Des Architects, Brussels, 2018
CCR: Cubitt Community Radio, London, 2022
Sonic Intervention 002 - live event presented by GGWAV & Fleece Files, London, 2018
Canteen Leftovers - collaboration with The Plateu & D.A.R.S.I - art project and live event, London, 2017
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